Sunday, October 25, 2009

Take a Break

Take a little time to sit down and be quiet before the new week begins.
Chair & Cushions
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  1. I would love to sit in that chair! suzie xx

  2. Thanks for the reminder to take a little time before starting the new week. So often we rush from one thing to the other and forget, that there is the need for our heart to calm down and to get the right perspectives again for our live. I am looking forward to read your posts.
    Have a blessed day!

  3. I'm excited to be visiting your new blog! I love sewing blogs and decorating blogs, I guess that means now I'll be able to get a double dose of love from one of my favorite bloggers : )

  4. What a cozy corner to rest and relax! I love taking a break on Sunday nights to reflect on the weekend past and the week coming up.

  5. We've had a schedule change and Monday morning is my new review & replan time for the week. A cozy spot like that would sure be better for my bottom than this retired school chair.