Monday, April 26, 2010

Operation Closet I

Yesterday I decided to start organizing my closet.
I normally put the summer clothes away in the fall and take out the winter stuff, and vice versa in spring, but last year I didn't do it.
My closet is not all that big, so it's a HUGE mess.

Step 1:
Empty out the closet and cull what I haven't worn in at least one season.
Project Closet
I only managed to do the shelves yesterday. All the "hanging" clothes are still up there.
It seems I wear a lot of t-shirts...
I also had to put the clothes back in the closet before I was ready last night because I needed the bed to sleep on.
The donate pile is already pretty large.
Project Closet
Today I'm hoping to get some closet organizing tools and tackle the hangers.
Stay tuned.
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  1. I've discovered 'flinging' and I'm tackling the obvious piles first. But small closets definitely need seasonal 'editing'. I do wish I had room to hang everything hangable straight from the washer.

  2. I so understand this.
    right now I'm battling skinny clothes, fat clothes and maternity clothes, all seasons all mixed up--not good.
    p.s that purse int the last pic is fabulous!