Saturday, October 24, 2009

My View: Swiffer® Sweeper Wet Cloths

My motivation for deciding to try these was to find something between monthly crawl-on-the-floor-on-your-hands-and-knees floor washing, and daily sweeping.

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Here's what I found:
1. You have to sweep the floor before you use these. It will not pick up all the loose stuff.
2. One wet cloth will only clean about fifty square feet of floor before it's dry.
3. Flipping the swivel head over to be able to use the little scrubby side is such a pain that it's not really worth it.
4. You WILL still have to get down there and clean the corners every so often, which is why I'll have to stick to the monthly thing.

I use these once a week.
I'm cheap, so to overcome the fact that the cloth will only clean a fraction of my floor space, I fill the laundry sink with about a quarter inch of water and dip the end of the Swiffer® in there when it dries out.
I just shake it a little to remove the excess water and off I go.
I clean the heavy traffic areas (around the refrigerator and kitchen table) first so as to utilize the cleaning solution in the cloth.

This review is my personal opinion.
The Swiffer company is (obviously) not compensating me but if you need more information about this product, they answer many questions, especially on the safety of their products, on their web site.
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  1. I do love swifter products, but the price has gone up so much that I'm now on strike for buying any swifter product. Seems that when they started running their STUPID swifter commercials the prices started skyrocketing. I don't like the thought that when I buy swifter products I'm funding one of the worst marketing programs ever!

  2. I know I'm going to sound like a commercial but I love the Clean Team's site and products. I use many of them for my housecleaning needs. I do love the Shmop! It leaves the Swiffer in the dust - no pun intended! Take a look and see what you think. Initial investment is a bit pricey but is much cheaper than Swiffer over the long haul!

  3. I have them and use them but only until I run out. I hate them actually. They clean so little area before they are dried up it is useless AND half of the wet cloth is on top where you poke it into the holder holes! Grrrrrr. I want a Shmop!