Saturday, May 29, 2010

Nobody told me... build an ark.
We are pretty much drowning over here in the PNW.

The TruGreen guy came to aerate and overseed the lawn yesterday.  He left a little set of instructions which, among other things said, "Adequate moisture is absolutely essential for seed to germinate...however do not keep them water logged by overwatering." Tell Mother Nature that, Mr. TruGreen guy.

The plants around the garden do not seem to mind all the rain.
This is my tree peony. The flowers are 10" in diameter.
May there be a sunny day or two in our future.
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Coupon Update

I've learned a couple of coupon lessons since my last post on the subject.
I thought I'd share.

Firstly, I checked out two free web sites: and

The verdict:
  • Hotcouponworld : does not actually tell you whether the final price is a good deal, and that's what I like about The Grocery Game - knowing whether I should use my coupon or wait for a better deal.
  • Couponmom: is a lot like The Grocery Game. And free. I compared Couponmom's list and The Grocery Game's list for a couple of weeks. Couponmom lists fewer deals but, if you don't want to pay, I highly recommend it.

I also learned another clipping (actually non-clipping) trick.
A big problem with clipping coupons was that sometimes I wouldn't clip a coupon because we don't normally buy that product. Then a great deal comes along and I don't have the coupon.
Now I keep the entire coupon insert and just write the date on the front.
When I'm compiling my grocery list I only clip the coupons I'll be using on that particular shopping trip and put the insert away for next time.
Much less hassle.
Coupon booklets
As for The Grocery Game. I found a little problem with their list.
My grocery store has a lot of deals where you have to buy a minimum quantity of a product to get the good deal. That's not a problem if the price is really good.
Sometimes however, the Grocery Game people list a coupon to be used on the product.
Coupons are usually for only one item. But in this case you have to buy the minimum quantity the store lists.
So you're really only applying the coupon's savings to one of the items. Not all four as the Grocery Game implies.
Fiber One Bars:
- regular price: 3.99
- sale price $1.50 each if you buy 4
- coupon $0.50 on one item
GG claims that the new price is $1.00, but that's only true for one of the four items.
The rest are still $1.50 each
In the end you're really paying $1.38 each.

All that being said, today was a good coupon day. I even got something for FREE!

ItemQtyOriginal PriceFinal PriceSavings
Classico Pasta Sauce2$3.59$2$3.18
1lb Penne Pasta2$0.99$0$1.98
Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-ups 4$2.99$1.50$5.96
Cheerios Cereal2$2.99$0.95$4.08
Cheerios Cereal2$2.99$1.00$3.98
Raisin Bran Cereal2$3.49$0.75$5.48
Raisin Bran Cereal2$3.49$1.50$3.98
Arm&Hammer Cat Littler1$8.99$5.99$3.00
Arm&Hammer Laundry Det.2$5.99$2.49$7.00
Fuji apples1.89$1.99$0.88$2.10
Total Savings:$45.54!

Not bad. Not bad at all.
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!

The little Lilies of the Valley are in their prime.
And they smell SO good!
Lily of the Valley
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