Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cabinet Hinge Redo

The cabinet hinges in my house are all a copper-ish color. I was planning to replace them. Lots of them. 3 bathrooms and a kitchen worth.

First I went to Home Depot. Then Lowes. Then Ace.
No luck.
So I put my little sample in a baggie and started doing the rounds of the cabinet hardware specialists. Here I was told that these hinges were not in production any more. I would have to change the doors in order to fit different hinges. Not in my skillset at this point, I'm afraid.

"Why didn't you look online?", you ask?
At first I didn't because I wasn't sure I'd know which was the right thing.
After my store strike-out I did utilize the powers of Google.
I found them!
In the same coppery color I already have. Strike-out.

Hence, this solution.

Bathroom Cabinet Hinges Before
Bathroom Cabinet Hinges After
I'm a little worried about the paint wearing off where the hinge actually "hinges", but I think the colors are so close that it shouldn't be very noticable.

(I used Universal Metallic spray paint from RustOleum. Tricky new can design to figure out but I'm happy with the result.)
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