Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lists - app or paper?

 I'm a "list person". Always have been, always will be. When I'm tossing and turning at two am with "to-do's" spiraling aimlessly in my head, I get up and write them down. Nine times out of ten that's all it takes to get me back to sleep. I think it has to do with fear of forgetting something important. Or control issues. Or a bit of OCD. Or all of the above.

With the advent of the smart phone and tablet, I rejoiced. No more carrying around tattered notebooks. "There's an app for that"!

I tried multiple "list" apps. And many work quite well. I've been using the myShopi app for my grocery and other shopping lists for a couple of months and really like it.

For "to do lists" however, nothing beats my good old notebook and pen.
I'll share the system that works for me in a future post, as soon as I actually get something checked off a list, that is.

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  1. List keepers on the phone and at your fingertips all the time are great but there is just something so satisfying writing a list and then checking things off. I still use my phone for stuff between house and the office for my "to do" when I am out and about but at the office and at the house, there are notebooks with lists. If you have a better plan, I can't wait to read it!!