Saturday, March 6, 2010

Project Back Door - The final chapter

It only took two months but we finally have french doors!
Remember the sliding door?

Look what we have now! I love, love, love them.
We had them specially designed to open 180 degrees to the outside.
We're bringing the outside in.
At first the animals were a little perplexed at having to enter in the center of the doorway but it didn't take them long to learn.
I can't WAIT for summer when I can have those doors open all the time.
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  1. What a lot of folks don't know is that due to the low incidence of mosquitoes where you live, you CAN keep your doors wide open in the summer!

  2. Ooooh, wow, I love the new doors! What a wonderful difference in that room and to your backyard.

  3. They look amazing! What a great improvement.

  4. WHOO! Those are so great. We DO have mosquitoes so I am very jealous. But what a lovely view from a nice room.

  5. This door is beautiful! It's against code most places, so you're very lucky. What a wonderful way to enjoy the seasons, I think I can almost smell the fresh air!

  6. hi anina,
    it looks very very nice!!! you know, i have a similar situation in front of my studio, and we're planning our terrace, that shall be made this summer.
    my e-mail address is:
    i wonder if i could send you some pictures, maybe you could give me some ideas? we know each other from other projects (dear jane and pinwheel party) that's how i landed on your other blog! =))

  7. I love your new doors. Yes, I remember sliding doors - we had a new one installed in the dining room last year and recently had one replace a 6-foot window in our bedroom. I'm going to post before and after photos one of these days but I have to finish up a bit of the project in our room. I really wanted the kind of doors you have but we just wouldn't have enough room for them to swing into either of our rooms and it wouldn't work well for them to swing out onto the small areas where they are - so I had to settle for sliding doors. But I'm happy. Real happy. Thanks for sharing yours today. And I love this new blog of yours. I'll be visiting you in both places. Often.